Fit + Fierce Workshops

FIT + FIERCE is a series of workshops comprised of three components:

  • Mind wellness
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

Workshops are interactive, engaging and focus on the empowerment and development of youth to become strong in body and mind.

The program is for girls in grade 4 and up and takes place once a month from September to June. For information go to:



  • Increased self esteem, confidence and ability
  • Increased desire for self improvement, and increased positive identity
  • Empowerment to live with confidence and feelings of self worth
  • Tools to tackle life’s challenges
  • Bootcamp style workouts
  • Exercise instruction with an emphasis on form
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Nutrition tips and information
  • Knowledge to develop healthy relationships with food and fitness
  • Incredible friendships are formed



*Here’s what some of the past participants and their parents are saying*


  • “Thank you for such an amazing experience for our daughter! She thoroughly enjoyed the classes and meeting the other girls. It was a gr eat opportunity for her to open up and self reflect on who she is and how she really perceives herself. I really liked the storyboard; it helped me learn more about her too. Thank you Danielle and Kelsey! Keep up the wonderful work that you do as you truly have a gift!” Linda
  • “I loved it all! Change nothing! I loved it! You have changed my life!” Katie
  • “I believe that this program is invaluable and done at the exact time when these young girls are most impressionable. I’m positive that my daughter has taken many of the things she has learned from Fit and Fierce…and will utilize them in the years to follow. I would recommend this course to any parent(s) with girls this age. Thank you again!”  Jamie
  • “My daughter so loves your course, so much that she has missed dances, concerts and even my birthday to come to them! Thank you so much for all that you do for these girls. Each class she comes home with stories and new ideas that she always tries to incorporate into her life.” Kathy


To register contact Danielle at 780-991-0191 OR Kelsey at 780-782-7599